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Africa and its Despots!

February 11, 2011
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A week that has been both momentous and historic in Egypt is almost coming to an end with long serving President, Hosni Mubarak still at the helm and promising to transfer powers to his Vice President. As Birango blog returns we leave you with some disturbing scenes from Egypt in our Photosphere column.

In this photo, government supporters on camels and horses attack protesters with batons and rocks in the liberation square, Cairo on Wednesday, February 2. The violence followed a scene of jubilation the day before, when a quarter million people filled the square in a mostly peaceful rally, anticipating that their days of rallies had pushed President Mubarak, to the end of his reign.

Hmm! reforms, I do not think they are on the way. There is a disturbing trend about leaders in Africa and quick fire mass demonstrations are far from finding a democratic solution, as Tunisia can show. What is your take on this?


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