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Cancel out ‘El-Murder’

March 23, 2009


In this century you find it difficult to take in the fact that some people and more so leaders are so bent on differences between each other that they get all reason to be in conflict. Cool heads that consider rationality seem to be rare in Africa. One person that has shocked the world is Omar El-Bashir, that very infamous bald headed leader of Sudan.



A marriage of convenience!

March 17, 2009
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Journalism would never be the same without photography and since major media organisations around the world decided to give this element of journalism priority, great pictures have been doing the rounds. An image of a vulture waiting to devour a dying and hunger stricken child as she crawled to a UN food camp in 1994 in Sudan (above) by photographer Kevin Carter will forever linger in our memories. The photo won a Pulitzer prize but Carter later commited suicide. A question remains on how photographers are prepared to handle the trauma of debilitating scenes and images from conflict zones.