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A marriage of convenience!

March 17, 2009
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Journalism would never be the same without photography and since major media organisations around the world decided to give this element of journalism priority, great pictures have been doing the rounds. An image of a vulture waiting to devour a dying and hunger stricken child as she crawled to a UN food camp in 1994 in Sudan (above) by photographer Kevin Carter will forever linger in our memories. The photo won a Pulitzer prize but Carter later commited suicide. A question remains on how photographers are prepared to handle the trauma of debilitating scenes and images from conflict zones.


Blog piece of the day

March 16, 2009
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Since the end of slavery and the period during the fight by Africans for independence from colonial rule, Africans had been imbued by a renewed sense of consciousness of their being and blackness. The struggle for liberation from the shackles of colonialism was primarily premised on the innate struggle for psychological emancipation from mental slavery, acknowledging among us that there’s no humanity before that which starts with ourselves. We saw ourselves immunised against evil doctrines that suited the conveniences of our former colonial masters; confident that we were in full control of our destiny. Sentletse Diakanyo of Thought Leader thinks the current generation seems to have conspired to betray the sweat and blood that was shed by our liberators. Read more from Thought Leader.

The red dragon invasion

March 15, 2009
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Hello reader,

Look all you people that inhabit the equatorial Africa
They from the other side are not done
They continue to gawk with wide open eyes
at the way all things natural and useful to man, do not abandon this part of the world
Didn’t they say it’s a dark part,
Their flashlights shine even brighter than ever as they thirst for more happiness


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Top 5 news headlines today

March 14, 2009
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Uganda National Social Security Fund not fit to handle civil servants’ savings-Members of Parliament. Source

Uganda troops begin pull out of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Source

Switzerland, Luxembourg and Austria to ease bank secrecy. Source

Obama seeks military dialogue with China. Source

China’s Premier meets press. Source

Crunch time in Manchester

March 13, 2009
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To most Ugandans and probably other East African followers of the English Premier League, the biggest rivalry in the league is the gooner-red devil (read Arsenal and Manchester United) version. That is purely in contrast with what is actually the most fierce rivals for United in the last 20 years. You guessed it!, Liverpool and though they are flattering to deceive so far this season there is no doubt that tomorrow’s lunch time game is the ultimate title decider and there is a lot written all over it.


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