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Kampala suffocates | May 7, 2009


One of the biggest problems that face African cities is the messy congestion. Well this is a problem worldwide, but the African cities had no plan A, when most of the cities were growing. And after growing, it’s now that they are going back to the drawing board. Now that can be the biggest problem when you did not have any practical system in the first place that could be played with to ease congestion.

Having been in the beautiful city of Vienna, for the early part of this year, my return to the Ugandan capital that accommodated me to have an education of mine, disappointment was written on my face. The population is growing by the day and the city planners look on bemused as everything goes to the dogs.

Granted government politics have been at the fore of the city’s development but the people having chosen the drab Al Haji Nasser Sebagala as mayor, never helped matters. You wonder why someone as innovative and industrious Peter Sematimba would have to be voted in this era of globalisation. As i have always said in Africa, the rudimentary African chief still wields so much power and influence that we may lag behind for sometime before things change gradually.

Scenes of massive air pollution, not helped by the second hand cars that litter the city, an ever growing population, slums and mind boggling traffic jams to mention but a few are products o



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  1. Well, it is good realise that Kampala is in a mess, but the solution you are giving- of voting Sematimba is a wrong one. Kampala can not look like New York over night

    Comment by James — February 10, 2011 @ 5:36 am

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