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Ruby and the sugar daddies!

March 4, 2011
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In a the latest act of limelight ‘steal’, ‘Ruby, the heart stealer’, who is involved in a sex scandal implicating Italian ’embattled’ Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, appeared at the Vienna Opera Ball alongside Viennese entrepreneur, Alfred Lugner.

Lugner is 78, and hmm!, it seems this Moroccan nymph has a thing for old geezers. The only problem is that the women activists in Italy stand to lose and Silvio of course has successfully diverted his perceived unpopularity with people in the past couple of years with a bogus court case and will certainly get his vanity filled political career back on track.

Deduction; people especially young women seem to be obsessed with old styled playboy men, and old Silvio, knows this in his latest bid to keep his grip on power.


Big man syndrome and rape in Cameroon!

March 1, 2011
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Cameroon has distinct regional cultural, religious, and political traditions as well as ethnic variety. The division of the country into British- and French-ruled League of Nations mandates after World War I created Anglophone and Francophone regions.

Polygyny and fertility rank high in the nations culture design. Power and the ‘big man syndrome’ are also deeply imprinted in this nation’s fabric, what, with the country’s leader, President Paul Biya being at the helm since 1982.

Not so much has been heard about this footballing powerhouse and yet the alarming figures about rape victims (1 out of 20 girls is a rape victim) are a cause for concern as they vie to outfox the nation’s footballing exploits. (more…)

The sway of the Ugandan vote!

February 16, 2011
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Mpenkoni, mpenkoni’, I am sure so many of you must have listened to this rendition from yours truly, the incumbent candidate for Presidential elections in Uganda, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni which apparently was to woo youthful voters.

What has surprised me more is how this Rwakituura man has completely changed his game plan as he seeks to manoeuver through the tangled web of Ugandan politics tinged with tribal sentiments. (more…)

Hodge on West Brom payroll!

February 11, 2011
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West Brom have appointed Roy Hodgson as their new manager following last week’s sacking of Roberto di Matteo.

Africa and its Despots!

February 11, 2011
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A week that has been both momentous and historic in Egypt is almost coming to an end with long serving President, Hosni Mubarak still at the helm and promising to transfer powers to his Vice President. As Birango blog returns we leave you with some disturbing scenes from Egypt in our Photosphere column.

In this photo, government supporters on camels and horses attack protesters with batons and rocks in the liberation square, Cairo on Wednesday, February 2. The violence followed a scene of jubilation the day before, when a quarter million people filled the square in a mostly peaceful rally, anticipating that their days of rallies had pushed President Mubarak, to the end of his reign.

Hmm! reforms, I do not think they are on the way. There is a disturbing trend about leaders in Africa and quick fire mass demonstrations are far from finding a democratic solution, as Tunisia can show. What is your take on this?

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Kampala suffocates

May 7, 2009
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One of the biggest problems that face African cities is the messy congestion. Well this is a problem worldwide, but the African cities had no plan A, when most of the cities were growing. And after growing, it’s now that they are going back to the drawing board. Now that can be the biggest problem when you did not have any practical system in the first place that could be played with to ease congestion.



KCC edge out SuperSport

April 5, 2009
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Kampala City Council yesterday edged out South Africa’s SuperSport united in South Africa, in the second leg of the CAF Champions league after a 1-1 draw that saw the Ugandan champions go through on 3-2 aggregate. Anthony Bongole cancelled out Mulondo Sikhwivhilu’s 57th minute opener after an unusual crowd that had more Ugandan fans than the South Africans. The win had Ugandan fans celebrating like the trophy was in their bag, a sign that Ugandan football fans are still interested in the game, only if results are more convincing than the comical administrations that run the game in the country.

Making riches out of spoilt hardware

April 2, 2009
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After spending a few months in Vienna, I have come to realise the importance the Austrians attach on how waste products should be stored and discarded. Compared to the careless Ugandans who litter there beautiful land with various tribes of waste materials, the Viennese even have separate rubbish bins for different types of rubbish in their houses and and out on the streets. One important aspect of sorting out rubbish in the so called industrialised world is for recycling purposes. In Germany where 24 million mobile phones are put away every year along with millions of discarded computers, a half ton of gold can be melted out. So if you are phone repairer in Kampala start collecting, you never know a gruffy looking, heavy accented German may approach you.

Cancel out ‘El-Murder’

March 23, 2009


In this century you find it difficult to take in the fact that some people and more so leaders are so bent on differences between each other that they get all reason to be in conflict. Cool heads that consider rationality seem to be rare in Africa. One person that has shocked the world is Omar El-Bashir, that very infamous bald headed leader of Sudan.


The herb threatens to dry up

March 20, 2009
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Medicinal plants are on the verge of extinction thanks to the exploitation that is reaching alarming levels according to Sara Oldfield, secretary general of the NGO Botanic Gardens Conservation International. With this applying to the plants that are used to manufacture malarial and cancer drugs, it promises a lot of trouble.


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